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I am not entirely sure why I had never read anything by the author before. Probably because I keep on adding more books to my list every other day and I never come around to complete it. That’s one list which won’t be struck off. Ever.

I enjoyed the witty and simple writing in the book. It was like reading Panchatantra, if that makes sense. Natraj is the protagonist of the book who owns a print shop and has Sastri working under him. He is a very unproblematic man and gets along with everyone as he minds his own business. He’s happy, his customers are happy, his “friends” are happy and so is his family. Problem arrives as Vasu, a taxidermist comes to town. Vasu being a bully, with an attitude which makes me want to punch his face, settles in the attic of Natraj’s shop, despite the latter’s pleas. Vasu brings an imbalance in Natraj’s life both with his profession of killing animals, skinning them, stuffing them and with his overbearing personality. Natraj lets him run over him because at times he’s either afraid of him or just wants peace. The story ends on a comical note. Well, Vasu died but the way he died was pretty comical to me. Imagine dying because you were swatting mosquitoes and accidentally hit yourself too hard? Hilarious. I, for one, would never ever want to die like that.

It was a decent read. I enjoyed it. Nothing much to think about. Just a plain old tale that one would listen as a child.

Another thing that I found hilarious was Natraj and his wife’s relationship. Why are all Indian books that I have read so far always like that? With husbands absolutely giving up and agreeing with wives? Probably because it’s true. Why do I always find that funny, I don’t know!


I have been watching a lot of anime these days. I watched I want to eat your pancreas once again and this time I somehow discovered that I enjoyed it. It’s probably because I hadn’t read The little prince before and now that I have, I could connect the dots better. Also I have been trying to watch a lot of Studio Ghibli movies. It’s soothing in some manner! Also I have finally managed to watch Attack on Titan. Finally! Obviously it lived up to the expectation. I loved it.

I don’t remember from which anime it was but there was a line saying how kindness is man made. Nobody is born with kindness and a person grows kind by himself pertaining to his surroundings, obviously. But I like the concept. Kindness is man made.

And I really like this music video. The music is okay, not that great but the video is so so good!

I found these pretty cool things when I was clearing out stuff. They seem to be like envelopes. My father got them when he went to Japan years ago. I have no clue what these mean but it’s cool anyway.

Lastly, I kind of like this quote and I kind of don’t:

We lose June. We lose July. In August we look into mirrors and want to die.

Kim Addonizio

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