PAGES – 412


I picked up this book solely because I was getting tired of seeing it all over Instagram and people just kept on recommending it. Was it worth it? Not really. But did I enjoy it? Certainly.

It is a fantasy story filled with magic, manipulation and of course, a circus. Two magicians challenge each other to bring up a pupil good enough for a challenge. While one choose his daughter Celia, the other chooses an orphan, Marco. Both are then trained by their respective trainers but they remain unaware of what the challenge really means and who the opponent is. As they grow up, the trainers decide on a circus as the venue of the challenge. And obviously, Marco and Celia fall in love with each other. The challenge is won when one of them dies. Yep, the status of their relationship is definitely complicated. That’s just a brief plot. The details involve a lot many characters and how they all play a significant role in the challenge. Also the circus is kind of enchanted, controlled by both Celia and Marco.

I think I would have enjoyed the ending if one of them actually died. But no, they willingly give up their lives because *love*. I am so tired of this kind of narrative. Doesn’t anyone want to live anymore? Oh, I am in love; guess I will just die for them now. Anyway, they both kind of die but exist in peace inside the circus in some magical way. It was a lot of build up for such a predictable conclusion.

I wasn’t really invested in their lives. I was more interested in the circus. The way it worked. The way some attractions made me want to rush into it somehow. I was completely besotted by it. And now that I think of it, that was the whole point. I guess I can wrap a red scarf around me now. Fans or followers of the night circus usually wore shades of black or greys and a little red something as they took a stroll around it.

I know that if someday they make a movie or a series out of this, I will be jumping in joy. To actually see the circus that had captured my mind would be a delight.


There’s something about the month of May which makes me hate it. The sun rises too early and sets too late. I miss the nights.

Here’s a soundtrack that I used to listen in loop and get lost it. Good times.

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