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This book is a very widely loved book among readers. So naturally I was intrigued. Add to it that it’s a children’s book, I wondered why adults loved it so much. And I am still not convinced. I mean, I get it. There are themes of loneliness, love, happiness and even death. But why are people loving it? Beats me.

The story is that of a little prince who comes from a different planet (or was it a star?) and travels many planets before landing on Earth. He meets the narrator there and shares his stories of adventures in various planets. He tells the narrator of his home planet which has 3 volcanoes, two of which are as high as his knees and the third one is inactive which he uses as a footstool. Okay, that bit was hilarious just to imagine. He also has one single flower in his planet and he takes care of her a lot. He meets a snake when he first arrives on Earth. He instructs the same snake to kill him after a year passes by. I am not sure how suicide is a theme for kids. I understand that he wanted to die so that he could go back to his flower but how do children interpret this? Or maybe everything seems confusing to me.

The star of the book was definitely the fox. He wanted to be tamed. I loved that. The concept of taming. So raw and insightful. When you tame someone, you become someone to them and they become someone to you. You are no longer just random individuals. You mean something to each other. The fox has forever changed my understanding of the word tame.

One runs the risk of weeping a little if one allows himself to be tamed.

I saw the Netflix adaptation of the book and it is one of the finest adaptations I have ever seen. It’s so beautifully done and I loved how they extended the plot and wove the story.

I also kind of love how old this book is.


I am a sucker for hand written notes and this has been my highlight of the purchase:

I had purchased these beautiful bookmarks from them:

Check out their profile if you’re interested.

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