PAGES – 270


I will keep it short since I don’t have much to tell about it. The book is about the survival of Lale in the concentration camp of Birkenau for almost 3 years. His sole ambition to survive lands him doing various jobs as he becomes a tattooist in the camp. His job was to tattoo the numbers of the prisoners onto their arms. Prisoners are stripped out of their names and only have their numbers. He goes on to meet Gita, another prisoner and both of them fall in love with each other. Their only resolute was to make it out alive together which they do eventually.

For me, the story writing wasn’t very great. Since the story was based on the actual events as said by Lale himself to the author, I couldn’t find any room to complain. Only the writing. It sucked. Again, I understand that it is a widely loved book. But I will give it a pass. The story was heartbreaking but the way it was written made it bland for me. Obviously the horrors one has faced in a concentration camp cannot be written ever so accurately. It isn’t something one can even write about. This just wasn’t the book for me.

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