PAGES – 354


I still have mixed feelings about the book. But if I had to describe it in one sentence, I would say that it is a book that high school students will enjoy. Not a grown ass twenty something would.

There are three stories, each written by one of the authors. I am disappointed that I disliked the one written by John. All three stories are interlinked in a way. It’s not that the characters are important in one another’s story but they all do live in one town. There was no true depth to the stories. Just plain old “spirit of Christmas” and love and friendship. Like I said before, I would have perhaps enjoyed this book some 10 years ago. I liked the concept of Flobie Santa village. I never knew that it was a thing. Except that nothing else was note worthy.

I saw the movie based on the book and I can’t express just how disappointed I am. They absolutely changed the characters and their story lines. Unnecessarily added a dying mother. Stick to the plot! How difficult can it be? I almost skipped the whole movie.

The cover is so cool! Almost makes me forget about the shitty material inside :’)

What a disappointing start to the new year, huh?

A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I am the queen?

My neighbour downstairs keeps listening to Heather. I think I should be worried for him.

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