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I really enjoyed this book! This was something new and I liked the flow of the book. There’s a café which makes it possible for people to travel back in time. That one line is enough to get just anyone hooked to the story!

So the café has one particular seat where one can sit and travel back. There are tons of rules though.
1. You cannot move from the seat when you travel back i.e you go back to the same café in the past.
2. You can visit a past only if you were present there at the café at that time. So also the people that you would like to meet should’ve been present in the café at before.
3. Importantly, nothing that you do after going back to the past will ever change the present.
4. And the crucial one, you have to drink your coffee before it gets cold in the past in order to return back to the present, else you cease to exist and become a ghost.

These were only a handful rules that I mentioned. The book had 4 stories entwined with one another. In the first story, a woman goes to the past to confront her lover from leaving her to go to USA. Second one, a woman visits the past to talk to her husband who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband had completely forgotten her in the present. Third one, another woman goes to meet her now dead sister. And in the final story, the café owner’s wife goes to the future to meet her to-be-born daughter.

My favourite was definitely the second one. After coming back from the visit, the woman continues to take care of her husband from afar. Some days she would just tell him that they are married and despite him remembering nothing, they still manage to have a pleasant time just talking. So the crux of the book was that why would you want to go back to the past if it changes nothing? It doesn’t bring back the dead. And you can visit the past only once (another rule). It doesn’t prevent death. What has to occur will occur, so what’s the point? As the stories go by, nothing changes except perhaps the heart and mind of the person who visited the past. Some sort of closure to the troubled minds, I believe.

It somehow reminded me of anime Tokyo Ghoul’s café, Anteiku. Do all coffee shops with unrealistic setup have great employees like that? Anyway, here’s a clip from the anime that I am fond of. Also, the ost is so chilling.

I thoroughly liked it. It was also a pretty simple read in terms of the linguistics. I definitely would like to read more of the author’s works.

I really liked this quote that I came across in the book.

She had encountered death for the first time, and referred to it as the very black box. Once you climbed inside the box, you never got out.

While it seems like it’s worse for the person who is now dead, what about the people who are left behind, waiting for the person to climb out of the box, knowing well enough that it’s impossible? Being insane is so damn easy. Being sane though, is one of the toughest thing one can be.

It’s peculiar how everyone in the book was visiting their past while I am still stuck in August, refusing to move forward. I am still waiting for a glance of a comet while I listening to easy.


It feels like just when I decided my resolution for the upcoming year, the entire world has turned against me. All kinds of deals on books have been popping up everywhere. I even added books to the cart and then shut the application. I sound like an addict here! Anyway, I am not buying any but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get gifts, right??

A friend got me these as a late birthday present. They are both hardcover!!

Presently I have only taken out the cover of the above book and I am in puddles over the beauty of the fonts of the tittles. Just in puddles.

Here’s a page from the book that I came across randomly. It makes me smile every time I read it…

Thanks, friend!

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