PAGES – 392


Did you know that this book is referred to as a cult classic? I didn’t. Not until I flipped the last page.

It’s disastrously humourous, it’s all I can say. There’s Aziraphale, the good angel from Heaven and there’s Crowley, the devil from Hell. Both have been around earth for thousands of years and have grown more or less accustomed to it. None of them want the world to come to an end. But then the Armageddon arrives and so does the Anti Christ. Soon enough, the world has to end in a week’s time.

It was funny because the Anti Christ was 11 year old and obviously had the mindset of a pompous 11 year old. There’s a book of prophecies involved as well. Oh and aliens who come to extend their harmony! There’s the four horsemen of apocalypse : War, Famine, Pollution and Death. Overall it’s just a fun packed plot. Isn’t it always fun to read about the world ending? I am not talking about the newspapers, no.

I have little to complain about the book. And it’s fairly on me. There were just way too many references that I couldn’t understand. Since I haven’t read The Bible, it was difficult to comprehend some of the parts. I am assuming that it’s a delightful read for anyone who understands the entirety of it. Also, the footnotes were another brilliant addition.

Man, this footnote had me laughing for a good while

I always find it amusing how full of hope most human beings are, especially when it a comes to saving humanity. Adam(that’s nice), the Anti Christ comes to a conclusion that the world need not be destroyed. What’s the guarantee that the new world won’t be a replica of the present one? None. Only humans can save humanity. It is coincidence that I had finished watching The Good Place before I started the book. There too, the writers played the trump card similar to this : You cannot blame humans for turning out the way they are. It’s the environment around them that moulds them into being grotesque and sometimes unintentionally nefarious.

I am looking forward to watching the series of the same name. It has to be brilliant. Also, there’s David Tennant as Crowley!

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