AUTHOR – Christine Hurley Deriso


PAGES – 269


I have probably read this book a hundred times by now. I brought it in a book fair many years ago, simply because I was intrigued by the cover. The girl staring straight through you is unnerving. From then, I have picked it up so many times solely because it has always unfailingly left me feeling exposed in a very weird sort of manner. It is weird because none of the happenings in the plot is anyway similar to my life and yet I feel strung out. It’s an easy read. I finished this in a sitting of maybe 3 hours. The reason I read it today was because I was curious if it still left me with that feeling.

It’s YA and the plot is pretty nice. It’s not a literary gem but it’s bearable. So a 17 year old Summer finds the journal of her dead sister and as she reads through it, she finds her sister in a new light and the ties between her and her parents grow stronger. Her sister, Shannon died aged 17 and her parents were devastated so they had her. Basically Summer never knew Shannon in person. Shannon was a perfectionist which great grades and extra curriculars. That’s all she knew before coming across her journal and she discovers that they might not be so different after all. The added drama of their mother being a control freak and their father being an adulterer is also there. Overall, like I said it’s a pretty mediocre book with the rightly aimed audience of teens. I wonder why then it still continues to be so impactful for me.

I am just so disoriented these days. I think the lockdown is starting to get on to my nerves. I guess I am not so immune after all.

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