AUTHOR – Aravind Adiga


PAGES – 318


This book was recommended by a random person to me. Why would I listen to random people that I come across, I have no clue.

But this book is popular and I had come across it several times, though I never picked it up. I completed it as soon as I could because I couldn’t bear the narrative. The book follows the story of Balram (the narrator) , a poor man and how it goes on to be an entrepreneur. He starts as a driver for some rich folks and through them he learns or rather educates himself how not to be a driver and instead drive his life ahead. Don’t get me wrong, it was highly intelligent and entertaining to read. But Balram had revealed in the initial chapters that he became successful after killing his former master. So, the entire time I was continuously reminded that this is the narrative of a killer. Somehow that did not settle well with me. True that I have read much more books which were far more gruesome than this one but it didn’t still feel good. It reminds me of the book The book of human skin. There too, I had experienced similar vibes when I read the narrative of the killer. I guess I don’t like the idea of having a killer occupy my mind. Well, that rules out the possibility of serial killer as a career for me.

The brutality with which the book showed the real India was too good to pass.

The moment you recognize what is beautiful in this world, you stop being a slave.

Let animals live like animals; let humans live like humans. That’s my whole philosophy in a sentence.

And my all time favourite :

This is a fucking joke.