AUTHOR- Helene Hanff


PAGES- 230


It has been a long time since I last managed to finish something. I was caught in the middle of the usual pre-graduation chores which would entail a kaleidoscope of creating some last minute memories.

The copy of the book that I received (in courtesy to my friend who gracefully brought it for me while I was busy being a miser) contained two volumes- one being the 84 Charing Cross Road and the second volume being The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. While the former volume was described in the form of letters between the author and the sellers at the book store, the later volume described the author’s visit to the book store many years later.

In the letters which are transferred to the States from England and back and forth, Helene and Frank Doel develop a friendship which bloomed from requests of rare books from Helene. This went on for twenty years until Frank died. Humorous and compassion for the love of books were unabashedly displayed through the letters.

I feel like I am being biased in writing this particular blog. With a whirlpool of things in my mind right now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend the most simplest of things. With absolutely nothing to look forward to right now, I feel like I am stuck in a maze without a zeal to search for an exit. The days that are ahead of me promise dark times and I keep on finding myself stuck between four walls, staring at the ceiling.


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