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First book of the year! I have been pretty busy in January to read anything. Also, I have been stuck with Gone girl since December.

My father went to a literature festival where this book was being promoted. I thought it looked like an easy read (I completed it within 4 hours) and finished it last night. For a debut novel, it is well written. The style of the book felt similar to that of Roald Dahl’s Someone like you where the master blow of the story is delivered at the very end.

The plot of the book is pretty simple. Cynthia is a psychiatrist who was previously living with an abusive husband. Because of her husband, her and her daughter’s relationship are initially on the rocks. Sam is her patient who had recently lost his wife and son to a car accident. Cynthia helps him to overcome his grief and move forward in his life. Cut to the last few chapters, it is discovered that her daughter’s boyfriend was fooling around with his car when the accident happened. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. Sam, now in love with Cynthia and her daughter, accepts it and moves on happily. Or so I thought. Last page of the book and Cynthia connects some dots to figure out that Sam had known about her daughter being involved in the accident long back. So, everything was planned? His sessions with her? His love for her? It made sense and yet it did not. And that’s when the author decided to stop writing and let the readers hit their heads on the walls in search for the answers.

So much so for an easy read. I had wanted to keep my mind off certain things but the book didn’t help much. I was reading and my mind was elsewhere the entire time. It has been such a depressing year so far. Every castle that I had previously built, was being demolished. Now, without a castle, how can the queen possibly rule? If not over people, at least over herself.

There’s nothing much more to add to the story. It was short and I hadn’t yet felt connected with any of the characters before it got over. It didn’t hurt that much.

Here’s a song I discovered last night:

Now tell me something

Is there a point to this?

Or are we living for the feeling when we look back on what we did and reminisce?

The above lines hit me like an arrow through the soul.

I will try to complete Gone girl but it’s such a drag so I don’t know if I am going to stick to it or choose any one of the hundred books lying by me.



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