PAGES- 615


It was a roller coaster.  The more the ride was trying to go up, the more I wanted to get down. The reason that I bought this book in the first place is pretty personal to me. I had no intentions to buy it in the beginning, but I guess my heart ruled over my mind and that’s how the book got to me. Was my mission accomplished after reading the book? Somewhat. Reading this book changed the entire perspective of my mission. I know it all sounds so cryptic but then again, it was a cryptic book too.

I wouldn’t be doing a synopsis of this book today. Not because I am at a loss of words but mainly because I am still in the phase of “What the hell did I just read?”. I will even say that I am scared of what I read. It was my first book dealing with metaphysics. Vastly interesting and scary. When I first read about the Out of Body Experience, I was stunned. Sure, I knew a bit about it before hand. After reading that part of the book itself, I spent two weeks trying to bring about the astral projection. It is scary, weird but I had nothing to lose too. At a point it got so extreme that I started having weird dreams at night. I stopped practicing it after that. The first shock that I received from the book was when the scene of murdering the cats and eating their still beating hearts happened. The cats were drugged so not a single sound came from their mouths as their hearts were being ripped out when they were very much alive. I couldn’t sleep for days. It was as if I could hear the screams of those cats everywhere. I put down the book for a month after that. I just didn’t have it in me to continue. But I did. I came back to the book when I recovered from whatever was going on inside my head. I readily completed the rest of the book after that. I will say, ” I have absolutely no clue about what I read.”

All I can afford to say now is, I will revisit it again, when I am ready to go through the ride and risk getting myself thrown off in the middle of the ride.

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