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As soon as I was done with my exams, I searched for a book which I could finish in one go. So, a friend of mine had this new book. Honest opinions here! The book’s cover looked extremely tacky for my taste. I tired not to judge the content because of the cover and went ahead. Within four hours, I was done with the book and those four hours were the worst.

In the beginning I found it difficult to read it. It was probably because it was a YA, written in the protagonist’s point of view. Am I getting too old for YA books now? I have enjoyed a pretty good deal of YA books as a teen and now when I read them, it seems to lack depth. I need more insight into the character’s mindset. I need reasons why a certain character would turn into the bad side. For me, a good book is one where inspite of having an antagonist, there isn’t any antagonist.

So I don’t agree with the numerous reviews that this book has gotten. “I can’t stop hugging it.” “This is what I needed right now.” “Spectacular.” I am sorry but that’s all balderdash. There wasn’t a moment in the book where I didn’t want to put it back and forget that I ever started it. But in the end, that’s all my review. I am allowed to be sad because it was such a “literary waste”.

Okay, so here we go. Molly is the protagonist who has had 26 unrequited crushes. She is obese, doesn’t appreciate herself fully and also suffers from anxiety (Honestly, that was such a horrendous portrayal of dealing with anxiety). She has a twin sister named Cassie who is her exact opposite. There was a very forced attempt to show and glamorise pansexuality. I felt nothing except pity with the way it was badly written. One could have done it better than that. So Cassie gets a girlfriend (Mina) and wants Molly to get into a relationship with Mina’s best friend, Will. Cassie and Molly were really close and they didn’t want to end up seperate just because they were dating unrelated people. Ugh. In the end, Molly confesses to Will (who admits that he loves Mina) but later gets into a relationship with Reid, her co-worker in a supermarket. The sisters reconcile, promising that “nothing would get them apart” cliché. Wow. Such a waste of time.

I would never request this book to anyone else. I had wanted to read ” Simon vs the homosapiens agenda” by the same author but now I am not so sure.

Summer holidays, finally! I have tons of work to do and I hope that I could manage to read at least ten odd books within this summer.

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