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I completed this book about two weeks ago but didn’t write about it because I am pretty much as lazy as I can be. But tonight, I am writing about it because I just got reminded that there’s no one here for you, except maybe for books. So, pretty books, ugly books, I am just thankful for keeping my sanity in the worst of times.

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Cliché but we all do. At least I do. I fell in love with the book cover when I was passing away my time stocking up my Amazon wishlist and saw it. The moment I figured that it was about mental illness, I was ecstatic to read it. It basically features schizophrenia. I had not quite understood earlier how schizophrenia worked. It’s confusing for a person without suffering from it. I am glad that I put up this book because only a well written book can make you understand what it is to be in place of someone else.

Alex, the female protagonist is schizophrenic and the story unfolds about her struggle to act “normal” among her high school friends. It doesn’t glorify the illness but rather makes it a pretty interesting read. Although I loved the book, I won’t read it again. Character development was great but in a way it lacked depth. It had been a while since I last read a YA novel so maybe that’s way I felt it lacked in many areas.

This is probably the most lousy blog that I have written. I can’t help it. I keep forgetting stories. A book might make me feel alive but if I don’t reread it, I will probably forget. They say, “You can forget about what someone said or did but you will never forget about how someone made you feel”. Absolutely right. I may not remember anything much but I remember how the felt the entire time that I was reading a book.

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